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Newsletter | Your Monthly Finance Tips

Building 1Welcome to my March newsletter. It’s certainly been a busy year and lead up to autumn. I want to share with you three topics that you’ll need to know about in the coming months.

• Why are rental yields increasing after historic lows?

• Interest-only loans are becoming a thing of the past - what are they?

• There is an unseasonably high level of real estate available right now.

As always, I’m eager to have a chat if you need any help with a home loan.

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.Pool table

There’s been no shortage of headlines about the finance industry in the past couple weeks. To provide some clarity around the most important issues for consumers, I’ve written about the following;

1. Changes to property investment lending rules

2. The growing government support for brokers

3. The latest property price and vacancy data.

If you need help with anything finance related, your existing loan, or purchasing and investing in property, let’s chat!

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CashCan you believe that the holiday season is upon us already?

No matter how or what you celebrate, I hope that you can take some time to rest and enjoy what’s left of 2018. I’ve loved bringing you all the latest finance news each month and have 4 great articles for you to round off the year.

• Why home loan pre-approval is so important

• What you need to know about comparison rates

• How to make your property more ‘in-demand’

• RBA paves way for rate cuts.

Have a great break and I’ll catch you in 2019 for more festive finance!

home of yearWelcome to my first newsletter of 2019! I’ve written 3 articles that you’ll hopefully enjoy!

1. Surprising January 2019 Property Data

2. What you need to know about credit reporting changes.

3. Historic Mortgage Broker Figures released.

If you need some expert help with an existing loan or a new one, I’m always available for a call!

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AustraliaNovember has seen lots of really interesting data revealed - all of which impacts anyone looking to purchase, invest or refinance their home loan. I’ve summarised the most insightful data below and included some of my best tips.

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