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Newsletter | Your Monthly Finance Tips

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Welcome to my August newsletter! I’ve rounded up four exciting stories about property and money:

1. Do houses or units have a higher rental yield?

2. Four most common mistakes made on Tax Returns.

3. Can your job get you a better loan?

4. Negative home loan rates now in Denmark!

If you’re in the market to move house, invest or just refinance your existing loan, I’m here to help. There are some very competitive deals in the market!

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Kitchen 3With the End of Financial Year madness (mostly) over, I’ve rounded up three super interesting stories that are making waves right now;

1. Aussie householders are millionaires, on average

2. Don’t bet on your loan application

3. Student debt and loan rates soar Do you want help with a home loan or to see if you can now get a better deal? I’m always around to assist.

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Open houseThis month, we’re talking about 4 things that might affect your property and finance interests after the election;

1. Why the ATO has its sights set on property investors.

2. Big changes that let borrowers get approval easier.

3. Pre-election property snapshot - where to from here?

4. Take advantage of the way banks fund home loans.

If you need to have a chat about your finances, I'm always available!

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CashA lot has been happening in property and finance this past month.

Here’s four stories that will help you sort through the latest hype, trends and news:

1. Homes vs Units, which have fallen more in 12 months?

2. Auction clearances are up, what does this mean?

3. Solar and Wind energy doubles in 6 years.

4. What happens after the RBA lowers rates?

There’s lots of movement happening with interest rates right now. If you want to know which banks are making the most competitive moves, let’s chat!

Call me now on 0402408944

House 1Instead of lawyers, guns and money - this month we bring you Politicians, Gearing and Money!

1. How much have property values changed in 1 vs 5 years?

2. How could the election change your finances?

3. Want to earn more money? Maybe it's time for a career change.

4. Australia has a new 50c coin!

As always, book in a free chat if you want some help with your finances!

Call me now on: 0402 408944